About me

The short but HONEST version

Hey again!
I'm Jordy Roelofs, but you might have already noticed that from the domain name. I'm a freelance designer / digital artist from Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

I've been doing this "design thing"  for quite awhile now. I got in touch with Adobe Photoshop around 2003~ ish (I'm honestly not really sure when it was exactly, because it's been so long...).

Ever since then I've been in love with Photoshop, and still am. I'm what you can call a "self-made man".
I managed to teach myself as many pixels / options / tools that are available within Adobe Photoshop when I started, (even though I'm pretty sure I haven't learned everything just yet!). But I do more than just Photoshop 😉

Sadly enough I can't brag about some fancy education. Back in the day I had some personal struggles, faced rejections because of it so I ended up not following a design-based education, but that did not stop me from following my dream within the design world.

Now... years later I'm a pretty experienced guy. I can safely say that I have over 10 years of experience in the game.
I've worked for various design agencies, designed for lots of people in the music industry. And for the last few years I've been trying to gain experience and knowledge in the entertainment industry (TV/Film).

Anyway! I don't want to get to personal.. but if you want to learn about me, just ask. I'm active on social media.

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I'm always looking for some new experiences.
So if you are interested in working with me for your project, or your agency is in need of some extra man power ,  please get in touch with me via  ✉